We will continue to shoot while following Federal, State and Local guidelines. In addition, we have additional requirements during this time.

UPDATED SHOOTING POLICY 5/11/2020 (subject to change): 

  1. Houses must be completely unoccupied. no agents, no owners, no animals. 
  2. The house must be fully prepped.   In addition to the standard Home Prep tips on my website, during this time I have to ask sellers/agents to fully prepare homes.  I won’t open random doors, so if a bathroom etc has the door closed I won’t know to shoot it *unless you tell me otherwise*.  Also, please let me know if basement/laundry areas are to be shot or not.  I also typically do not shoot garages unless they are epoxy floored and/or have amazing storage. 
  3. Lights and fans should be off, window blinds and curtains open.  Windows blinds should be turned to the open position and be halfway up.  They should be level with other blinds in a room, and preferably over a horizontal divider in the window/muntin.  The only exception is if a window faces a undesirable view then they can be partially closed as needed. 
  4. I have Supra key access so can access anything on Supra lockbox.  Otherwise you can unlock the door and wait in the car while I’m inside. 
  5. Sellers/Occupants should be out of house at least an hour before I get there. 
  6. If the occupants of the property have shown ANY SIGN OF SICKNESS, or have recently traveled abroad, please reschedule for at least two weeks out.  I will ask all scheduling agents to confirm in writing that they have confirmed this with their owners. 
  7. Separate residences and townhomes are ok with separate entrances, however NO apartment buildings or condos/towers etc with shared hallways. 
  8. I am reducing  the number of shoots I do in a day to allow time for cleaning equipment etc. 
  9. I wear disposable rubber gloves and booties which are changed/thrown out between each shoot, and I am wiping down equipment between shoots. 
  10. If you have never used me before, I require a brief phone call before working on your jobs.